More: Discovering the God of more when life gives you less

More is a message of spiritual addition for people who are in the midst of life’s subtractions – unemployment, divorce, illness, emotional, financial, or spiritual upheaval.Perez has walked through the valley, and has come out the other side humbled, strengthened, and passionate about Christ’s ability to meet us in our darkest moments. In More, he offers hope, healing, and practical, real life advice from someone who has been there helping those who have been shattered pick up the pieces once again. Click here to read an excerpt.
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BUILT: Seven Principles of Leaders Who Beat the Odds, Escape Average, And Make a Lasting Impact (Church Leadership Series Book 2)

Recent surveys show that over 3,500 churches close their doors each year in North America. Nearly 5,000 people leave the ministry on a monthly basis and nearly 90% of pastors involved in full-time ministry consider leaving the church for a different career. These statistics are sobering but if we seek fresh empowerment from the Holy Spirit and discover biblical wisdom, we can strategically navigate these modern complexities. By applying these principles, we can see the statistics reversed and the greatest days of the church once again! In BUILT: Seven Principles of Leaders Who Beat the Odds, Escape Average, And Make a Lasting Impact, Benny Perez creates a shift in the way you perceive your role in the church and ministry, and provides practical keys to ensure that your ministry will make a lasting impact. Click here to read an excerpt.
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BOTH/AND: Ministering In Between Life’s Extremes (Church Leadership Series)

Life isn’t always black and white, and neither is ministry. Should we be missional or attractional? Do we need to pray more or do we need new strategies? Is it Good Deeds or Good news? Does the Bible teach prosperity or generosity? Changing lives isn’t about easy answers.This unusual and timely book tackles 8 tensions in ministry, church leadership and in life and offers wisdom and practical insights to creating a healthy “Both/And” culture in your church, ministry, or nonprofit organization.
Chapters include; Prayer and Programs, Message and Marketing, Excellence and Presence, Good News and Good Deeds, Missional and Attractional, Faith and Sovereignty, Faith and Works, Generosity and Prosperity and Putting it into Practice. Click here to read an excerpt.